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into custody. there are reports of multiple injuries. another report that one tsa agent was killed in shooting. arches along the window is on the scene at l a x and joins us once again with more the law rom so hormone good year at their quarterly or join this what's the latest now. or get it to me that the detective to run a new baby can be done automatically and that the gunman it each week to remember that i made up of tension. he and yet i've been poking a and p t a i do feel i've talked to the enforcement official few bike though. the man contacted the lapd who had said that they cannot confirm the identity into canadian without the opportunity to kick it up. we let them go a dog. they contend that yet yet they often look to buy it. good morning. in fact all the work that all the good people in nine pm local time about twelve thirty eastern time. went to police the gunman walked into the channel to me that kelly had pulled out some sort of a rifle been hit by rain or skills. we say that i'm off to chase them. they shot him and took him into custody according to the airport to meet two of
. that said you wanted to kill tsa officials. police suspect the man and i have had a grudge against the agency abc news reports that since he carried them out. and with the meadows in dhabi which is believed to be a while police i confess to get into significance of the match japan and russia have moved a little closer diplomatic ellie top of the shells from the two companies have agreed to expand the security cooperation. the decision came out the so called a two plus two meeting in tokyo the first such meeting in between japan and russia. to come is represented how the talks by foreign menace of the meal she died and defense minister into naughty little bit of a map with their russian counterparts ldl of waltham so gay sugar here is a bit too close to top off with a new page will try to trade cooperation in security and the fast kids who will pursue further dialogue on specifics and exchanges will help stabilize the situation in east asia as well as to promote world peace. this tool close to making signals the start for new relationships between the two countries today's taking ma
of security checks at us airports. the tsa has identified thirty nine year old curator hernandez as the man who was killed. he's the first tsa officer job losses like the line of duty since the agency spending twelve years ago. ellie's mayor thinks the police for their intervention which saves countless other lives there were more than a hundred more rounds of live literally killed everybody in that terminal today were not for their actions. been a lot more of them. he ideally authorities have identified the suspected gunman is twenty three year old policy and cia officials say he believed his constitutional rights were being violated by the insurgents. a handwritten note was discovered in his possession which spoke of how he wanted to kill tsa employees. the suspects father reportedly called the police around the time of the shooting to report that his unexpected suicidal text message to a family. y'all it sure is i put them in the privately run cinema awesome begin again silence in cuba. on and officials the closing down the entertainment part was as they often operate on the restaurant l
, not only targeting europeans, but american citizens. they are built by the tsa which include a whole bunch of information -- >> what is the tsa acco? >> the transport security agency that allows you to go into an airplane. they are processing informatin on one side tom a from the databanks, from hospital -- on one side, from the databanks, from hospital databanks, and they are making risky populations potential terrorist populations. we all know that this is going to target some racially oriented populations. there is a lot of racial profiling that is going to be happening. they wanted to keep it secret. ultimately, blacks are going to be targeted specifically because statistically, they are more criminally found in the databases. >> we have a trans-atlantic argument going about this. another republican congressman that says he believes europeans should be thanking the nsa, a few choice words for the french. >> the president can stop apologizing and stop being defensive. the nsa has saved thousands of lives not just in the united states but in france, germany, french want to talk, operatio
downstairs and tsa main security. so there was like them. it was like eight emergency exit out of the tarmac and i just said. i know what's going on. i'm adding this terminal so i went out the emergency exit down the stairs onto the tarmac. this rain. when aunt angel another accident we think we say at least two people had been killed in a drive by shooting outside the offices of greece's if i wait until the end on friday in a suburb of athens on friday up with one win in such a deal that brings us to make next. police come identified the victims us twenty two years old my discovery on a seventy six years old during his time to release one more person was seriously wounded and taken to the hospital. according to investigate or some other cyclists stopped outside a cafe next to the offices of gold and done partying started shooting. the party's offices were opened during the attack seems every friday and then this meeting is held greece's far i'd go to the party says that the baking some members of the party. you have the stomach ache during which the parties and who was fond of the fun of th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5